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tv   [untitled]    June 4, 2014 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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>> good afternoon, i am the lgbtq conference, of the harvey milk democratic conference theme. and for the june 14th, conference at the lgbtq center is housing and healthcare for all. and you hear that the housing is first. and because it is primary issue but many of us know that the many lgbtq folks healthcare is tied to housing. we can't just relocate without consequences and this is especially true for hiv, and aids survivors. the great fear for those of us who used here in the 60s and 70s to san francisco is our
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current displacement. we are living now in the affordable housing, and we fear losing that sense of security and well-being due to eviction. and the high rate of eviction is in district eight and puts us as a district in crisis, it sometimes results in such despair that suicides result and we really need the stronger eviction protection and prevention. and lgbtq seniors are vulnerable and scared, we heard harvey milk say in 1978, hope,
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you can do this. thank you. >> >> thank you, next speaker, please? >> hello, my name is isaac, and i would like to share some or a story out of my life. and i have been living in san francisco for about a year and a half now. and so, i have been helping numerous amount of people get help for different types of services. but i feel like there is no services for me because i am on social security and i tried to look for apartments, and i got a job recently, but due to being homeless, was like, i have to get up at 6:00 in the morning every day from sleeping on the concrete to going to living with different friends and it makes it different to
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work and the job was firing the people and so on social security is easier and so i decided to stay on social security and so i tried to look for housing because the first and coming up and so i have been looking for housing and i just gave up because i can in the find any type of houseinging >> line up on the side and we will be wrapping up the public comment soon. >> i don't know much about the politics or statistics. i do know that what i have been
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experiencing in homelessness has been and getting help from the drop in centers and i feel like you guys have been a big help and there are things that you can work on and i feel like it is that, and you know, it was next speaker, please? >> >> and four weeks and i am on the larkin street youth services. >> pull it up if you speak into the mic. >> hi, i am victoria weeks and i am in the larkin street youth services and when i first got into san francisco i came for school, and when i became homeless i did not know any services that i could use, and i have heard about it and i was in a group home in sacramento.
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and that is how i found out about this service and i believe that to help the kids get off of the streets and for the adults we need to pass around the message and let there be known that there is hope. and there is housing, food and shelter, and thank you, that is it. >> thank you, next speaker, please? >> yes, my name is kevin, williams and how are you doing, today? >> and yeah, i would like to, you know, and i am, not from san francisco, and from california, and you know, and i would like to just, you know, and..., (inaudible) and you know from being homelessness. and yeah, it is a... and it is a... it is a, you know, it is a struggle being homeless but you know that it is something that we have to go through because it is part of living. and you know, it is like, you know, you know, i want to focus
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on the people that you know, bothered like other people and like, or the log instead, and because you know that some people they come in the city and they start terrorizing the city and that is what happened, and that is why, you know, some people get all of mixed and something like that but you know, i see that it happens very much but the people that lives in the out skirts of san francisco and they come in the city and start to terrorize the city and start the burglaries and and the hate crimes and that is where you will get all of your rapes and murderers and all of that, and the shooters and killers. but i would like to see a bill, and the done and get the
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housing and let them come back in the city and you know tha, is a problem there, because they come and terrorize the city and you know, i would like to see that and because you know, you are in the homeless person and you know, there is not an average right person to start with and so you know, and i am disco and you know, i want to see that happen. and you know, thank you. >> thank you, very much. >> next speaker, please? >> thank you, supervisors and everyone, assembled and all that i can say is that this would be a... and it is just basically the crux of it is dollars and cents and the city is growing, and tolerance and it is acceptance of all types, and there is, or definitely is dollars but now we need to match it with cents. and a good lady about the paperwork, and if you will increase, and know that, and the employee the supervisors to increase your digital presence and see how something like this
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in a tablet, and $256 e-bay with a pen, and if you have application forms that you can fill out on the party and have the keep the records of it and you will have to take it as well as scaring people away, and secondly, and the shoe box unit paradigm and it is critical and it is very, very very important the novelty that it takes to build it up here. 500 or less, and in the temporary, and so the people will be housed and given them, and if not and something vocational that can give them for four or six months.
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and it will be allowed to earn much more than the 500 or 800 for a studio and that can be done and so i will ask the supervisors to talk to the people and the ellison or page and all of those people that want to comment, and the city, to offer them even an incentive. and to fund this type of housing because the people are in pain. and the people are in pain, and thank you. >> >> thank you. and are there any other members of the... >> i am here to say that the homeless, and they have come in the age our youth and this is just a shout out to everyone here today to say what i am feeling about you too. and my concerned, is larry was my psycho therapy clinic for the past years. (inaudible) and i worked for many months as well as group
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therapy, and it became evident to me that he was suffering from the trauma of living in that hotel and it was harassment of them, and the other resident and even some hotel front desk staff on the occasion, and to be... and (inaudible) and cannot be finding with the sro and he needs to live the building and stay out for most of the day and night, and this is (inaudible) to the services for the communities and the lgbtq when the people of color and we hope that you may be able to assist in this and stabilize the emotional trauma, that doing the best in the hotel
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and... (inaudible) our strong belief that emotionally cured and support it to achieve this long time goal of returning to work. social justice with all of us in san francisco and what we have said today is that it is time as we salute, harvey milk giving us hope to come here tonight that this city is falling on the hope of giving people the chance to hope to bring themselves gay, black and white and yellow brown and it is time for our president to bring the habitat for humanity back to this country, thank you. >> thank you. >> are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in public comment? >> hi, i guess, that we have something that bothers me is that the homeless community is not this mono community that
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everyone speaks of. i just feel like i have a homeless friend and he probably has an iq of 150. he is just highly intelligent. all that he really needed was an opportunity the recommendation to this body is to call in your unions and your labor unions and your medical unions. and call in your tech, you know, everybody, is beefs up on twitter, but call those people and call the video game manufacturers, and see how they can change some of the homeless and train them and also see
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what type of jobs that they can actually provide for these people. and not only, and it is not a mono community and some of them and the homeless has those skills and they just need the opportunities and it is just accessively difficult and hard if you are homeless or just stigmaized. and so, that is my thing and is that the other thing, and some of the homeless, and suffer like posttraumatic stress disorder from abusive family and sexual trauma that they might have from things like that and i think that is part of the plan. and the plan on ending homelessness, and it feels and it implies that you are supposed to close some of the shelters and put that money into housing and i am hoping that we can really fix ate on putting the money more into these. and these housing units. thank you. >> thank you. >> and are there any other members of the public that wish
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to comment on items one or two? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, in members of the public i want to say thank you. and for those who have been here today, and yes, ma'am? >> okay. >> mj isabel and i am 68 years of age and i have been openly gay all of my life and i have lived through being homeless when i was a youth and now i am teter tottering on the edge of being homeless again, when i first had my housing i had a job and i got a better job and i got my better job because i was living in the housing situations where it was supposed to be affordable housing. okay? and then, i became ill. and i lost that job. and my rent did not go down and my rent continued to go up.
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and now, over half of my income goes to my rent. and i cannot live like that. most that i talk to each month they have a pulse between are they going to use it for medication or being able to pay for their lights or they able to eat? and i don't, and the reason that i don't know what is going on because i have to run out of here and go to a senior center and eat lunch and come back, okay? because, do i pay my bills or do i eat? it is no joke. i lived through all kinds of changes to get an education and i am back in school trying to get another education because i need a job. it is not a joke it is easy and you feel secure and each month i have the nightmare of trying to figure out can i keep a roof
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over my head? >> are there any other members of the public that wish to comment. >> i will close public comment. and again, i want to thank all of the presenters, and especially those who came in the public comment, and you know, as we continue to go through these issues, you know, and particularly today, with tay and the lgbtq population, and especially as much as they continue to and as we see the make-up a large percentage of the homeless population and it is critical to go through the issues and i want to thank the people to diving into it and look forward to continue to discuss this and the other policy ideas moving forward, and a lot of the comments were focused around the budget season today and the committee and getting to the heart of the budget season is appropriate and i want to thank those, and my colleagues as well for being part of this hearing and for today's hearing and for i will close it off but supervisor avalos and anybody else if you have comments?
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>> thank you, chair for all. and i would want to thank you for being here, and for, your struggles this in it is streets and being able to talk about those here and you need to come to city hall where there is a lot of power and talk about your own personal issues but i really appreciate your doing that. and i also want to thank the director, and dufty and your staff, and your staff and the hsa and multiple times for your hearings and it is critical that we are looking at the whole, range of diversity of youth that we have in the homeless services and i appreciate chair farrell's, you know, approach here in these past few months. and we are in budget season and i really hope that in 200, mayor's office is listening about how we can do much more to provide the adequate range of services that are going to help to meet this crisis that we have in san francisco.
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and i know that, what the mayor does not do, there will be some work that we will and we can do as supervisors with a little bit of money that we have to move around and we have to enter in the budget price. and the process and we are looking forward to being involved with that and working with chair farrell in that effort. and today's discussion was about homelessness and around the lgbtq youth. and i cannot, and i cannot speak more clearly, that we have a real crisis when it comes to how criminalize young people in san francisco. and especially when the people come from places where there is oppression.
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okay. welcome back, everyone to our regularly scheduled budget and finance committee meeting for wednesday, may 28, 2014. we are coming become from recess for our 4:30 special order. madam clerk please call item no. 4. city clerk: item 140214 hearing youth commission budget priorities for fy 2014-2015. >> i would like to thank you for coming here and for putting this material together and your presentation today. i want to call up whoever is
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speaking first and come up to the mic and we can get the ball rolling. >> all right. thank you. good afternoon supervisors. i'm with the youth commission and the richmond district in san francisco. as you may well know the youth commission pursuant to charter section -- 1.24 to impact young people here in san francisco. the commission is composed of 17 young people, one representing each district and additional six appointed by the mayor to have represented commissions to represent all the youth here in san francisco. this year has been a great one for the youth commission. we have 16 full youth commission meetings. we have 78 committee meetings each year along with countless hours of outreach in our respective neighborhoods
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and communities. more specifically 4.124 g of the charter that the commission shall report to the board of supervisors annually and the goal accomplishment at the end of each fiscal year. by this today we are going to present 15 policy and budget priorities that we hope will meet our collect identify -- collective goal of serving our young people. we have collaborated with multiple youth group priorities, youth peers, student lead ers and the the youth commission has worked to put this together. i hope you take this into consideration as you go into budget process. without further a do i will give the floor to our vice-chair. thank you. >> hi. my name is michelle
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tong our marry -- mayor appointee. i would like to discuss the priorities today regarding policies and recommendations. it's a stream of funding from 1991 for the children and youth of san francisco serving over 50,000 youth and only serves 18 and younger. the youth commission has played a critical role led for youth in partnership with the ococ process. over this entire youth town hall and the entire process for the children's fund we heard multiple times that this should be a priority of the city and it's been estimated that there has been over 9,000 alone. the formal exclusion
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of services provided to them leads to data integrity and does not allow us to assess the services they are getting and that the city is providing. even though right now city does provide currently for 18 and over and the tytf student record clearly shows there is an urgency to show this connected population. here are our following recommendations for the children's fund to allow the youth the fund for 25 percent youth for any part of the oversight with half of that youth body being 18 and under and half being disconnected representative. to also support better coordination of services provided by the city, sf
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organizations through sharing best practices and allowing free rent to the youth when so that they can convene. resourcesing youth leadership groups to hold annual halls to evaluate programs and identify needs in addition to the cna process and to increase the fund to allow services to provide and support disconnected k and for the children's fund to prioritize and dedicate employment for undocumented youth, mentoring program and adult probation system and support 18-20-year-olds transitioning to juvenile systems. >> thank you very much. nick from the youth commission. for priority no. 2 is about the
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youth voice policy. this priority no. 2 is heavily based on legislation and i'm sure you are very familiar with which is the brown act which is the state legislation. the brown act for decades has ensured that meetings by local agencies are open to members of the public and they have an at some point to observe the meetings and can make comments at those meetings. that applies to all board of supervisors and those in san francisco. however every meeting of the board of supervisors and commission available to the public they are barriers to youth 18 and younger namely the public hearings when youth aren't able to attend and provide their input. we have reviewed trouble youth data that don't care at all about government politics and/or only a little bit interested in government and politics. we believe the
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more opportunities to testify in front of elected officials in san francisco could provide more gauge engagement. the brown act has an elected body that may impose requirements upon itself under the jurisdiction which allows greater access at the minimal standards. by that we hope the board will do this. youth currently can't vote and choose the board of supervisors. can't make policy decisions and at this point you can't even provide input during public comment on legislation. so our recommendation is that this board of supervisors a firm their commitment to youth voice and guidelines to youth hearing for board of supervisors. one update,
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supervisor mar introduced legislation that will do this and have the youth commission have the power to make the recommendation that a hearing be made after school hours. this is made during the rules committee and we hope when this legislation comes before you that you will support that. thank you very much. >> one second, supervisors mar. >> i want to thank those for that piece of legislation. i will make sure as it's scheduled we'll do this at a youth friendly time. this is a great example at 445 :45 p.m. that we can also engaging us and helping us to make the best policies for you for the interest of not just youth, but the whole city. >> thank you. again thank you for having us here at 430 :30 p.m. today. we have youth in
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the audience which is something that will hope with more legislation in the future. that concludes priority nose -- no. 2 and i will pass it to commissioner web who will discuss priority no. 3. >> good evening, board. i'm trisha web. i'm also on the youth justice committee and today i will be talking to you about priority no. 3 which talks about investigating the needs of and expanding support services for youth with incarcerated parents. throughout the duration of the 2013-2014 term, the youth commission has been working with the youth leadership program called project what. which is comprised of youth with incarcerated parents either formally incarcerate or currently